Welcome to the K-State Ed Chartrand Memorial Soccer Tournament. We are proudly one of the finest sports traditions at Kansas State University and in the Midwest.¬†¬†Since 1979, it has been our hope and dream to broaden the opportunities for young soccer players, both men and women, to play quality soccer and be afforded scholarshipsarrow 10x10 Welcome to attend K-State and other major colleges. Our home is K-State’s WWI Memorial Stadium.

36th Annual K-State Ed Chartrand Memorial Soccer Tournament
April 10-12, 2015

See Schedule. Games based at K-State’s WWI Memorial Stadium (artificial grass)

Some games at Anneberg Park, 3805 Anderson Avenue (natural grass)

Welcome Coach Mike Dibbini and Asst Gabe Romo to the K-State Soccer Family

….And our new Women’s D1 Team

Registration closed for 2015

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Please read about Ed Chartrand by clicking here. “Fast Eddy” as he is affectionately known, is our inspiration. The “Friends of Fast Eddy” or F.O.F.E is now a brotherhood and sisterhood of thousands. The Chartrand Charitable Foundation is our prime benefactor and supports youth opportunities through sports. www.chartrandfoundation.org