Game Results

Friday Night April 7 Results

K-State Women 0  v.  KU 3
Wichita State Men 1  v. Truman State 3
K-State Men 0 v. KU 3
Texas AM Women 4 v.  Truman State 0
Texas Tech Men (red) 2  v.  Ball State 0

Saturday April 8 Results
Texas Tech Men (black)  1. v.  Wichita State  1
K-State Men 1 v. Texas 0
K-State Women 4 v. Truman State 0
Central Mich Men 1 v. Ball State 1
Texas Tech Men (red) 6  v. Central Michigan 0
Texas Tech (black) 0 v.  Truman State 2
KU Men  1   v. Texas  1
KU Women 0  v.  Texas A&M 1

Mens 8 seed Texas Tech(black)  1   v. Mens 9 seed, Central Michigan  2  PK
Mens 3 seed, KU 3 v. Mens 6 seed, Wichita State 2
K-State Women. 0 v. Texas A&M. 4
Mens 2 seed, Truman State 1 v. Mens 7 seed, Ball State 2  PK

KU Women  2  v. Truman State  1
Mens 1 seed Texas Teach (red) 6  v. Winner of 8/9 seed game,  Central Michigan 0  

Significant updates to original schedule per team agreements for Sunday April 9

7:30 AM      Memorial   Texas Tech (red).  2 v K-State Men.   1  PK’s
7:30 AM      Anneberg  Ball State  0  v Kansas Men 1  PK’s
10:00 AM   Memorial:  Womens  3v4   K-State  1  v  Truman State  2

11:00 AM Womens Championship  Anneberg:     Texas A&M 0  v  Kansas 1
Congratulations to the Women of KU!
Dennis Cook MVP Player: Hannah Kwapiszeski  Overland Park, KS

Noon:  Mens Championship  Memorial Stadium: Texas Tech (red) 5 v Kansas 1
Congratulations to the Men of  Texas Tech!
Dennis Cook MVP Player: Jakob Arney, Lubbock, Texas
National Anthem & Color guard by Combat Aviation Brigade, Ft. Riley



Congratulations to KU Women and Texas A & M Men!

Many thanks to  Dennis Cook, Tournament Director; Gerry Snyder, Head Referee; Capt. Jordan D. McElroy of the 1-5FA.  K-State’s Men’s and Women’s Clubs;  Andrew Franchett,  Kyle Ragusin, Kyle McLean, Emily Johnson, Melissa Mahoney and Colleen O’Connor.  KSU Rec. Center’s Armando Espinoza and volunteers Matt Kelso, Gayla Snyder and Joy Moore.

Downloadable PDF      2016 Tournament ALL Game Results


We had a fantastic tournament! Many thanks to our local heroes at Ft. Riley for their support all weekend long.  Congratulations once again to the Women of Iowa and The Men of Texas A&M.

And of course, many thanks to  Dennis Cook, Tournament Director; Gerry Snyder, Head Referee and Soccer Club Adviser; Lt. Col. Ryan Maenders, Lt Jessica Deason and Cpt. Steven Maxwel  of the 1-5FA.  K-State’s Men’s and Women’s Clubs Andrew Franchett,  Rob Breeden, Aaron Tatman, Amelia Jerome and Emily Johnson,  KSU Rec. Center’s Travis Redeker and The Chartrand Foundation’s own, Joy Moore.

Downloadable PDF   2015 Tournament Game results